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Maruti Van Model

It is a great pleasure to introduce highly sophisticated electrically operated instrument containg ZALAR, BELL & DRUM (NAGARA) which will work auto system coinciding the combination of 3 sounds which will bring the melodious voice which is used at the time of 'AARTI' in the templates.
In old days, ZALAR, BELL & NAGARA were used by manpower individually in temples, but now in COMPUTER ERA all these instrument are used at the same time, not by manpower but pressing an electric switch only, which will be thrilled to hear such sound. This instrument gives rhythmic & sweet sound with a wonderful effect on the mind of devotees

Technical Specification

Model No. Zalar Size(O.D) 2 Nos. Bell Size (kg) 2 Nos. Nagara Size (O.D) 1 Nos. Ele. Motor Single phase
V-1 8'' 1.0 14'' 1/4 HP
V-2 9'' 2.0 16'' 1/4 HP
V-3 10'' 3.0 18'' 1/4 HP
DM-1 4.5'' 0.75 9'' 1/12 HP
DM3 4.5'' 0.75 9'' 1/12 HP