About Us

We Shree Vishvakarma Eng. works is the first company to make worship(Aarti) machine in the world. In 1974 before 50 year we make biggest worship machine with mechanical key without electricity. 
The founder of the company shree Haribhai Tribhuvanbhai Ambasana(Gajjar) who is very delightful co-operative and helpful in organisalation.
The company had made minimum 1,00,000 machines in last 50 years. Today we are presence in the very big and small temples in India, further on International.
Level we provided service in USA, Canada, UK, Mortius,Nepal, African countries including total 19 countries where Aarti machine used in temples
Recently the gujarat Government declared our company tax free under the Sales tax act. the organisation adopting morden and highly technological machins, our parts are made up with CNC machine which create 100% accuracy with skilled labours.
Today the organisation ruld by the son of Haribhai Tribhovandas Ambasana named Rajeshbhai Haribhai Ambasana.


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